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DJ Scandalous is currently working on his second album, his first full-length. This effort will focus more on his childhood experiences and personal life while, like the EP, incorporating sounds normally unheard in hip-hop.

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DJ Scandalous is an international rapper and performer that blends hip-hop, r&b and orchestral refrains into high energy music! He has worked with numerous well-known performers including, Stevie Wonder and Raynard Miner, and hip-hop artists Red Café, Trina, Mistah F.A.B., Jadakiss, Styles P and more. He has written and produced music for major overseas artists such as Matt Houston (PlayOn/Sony Music France) and Fabrice Sioul (Sony Music UK). His videos have received millions of views such as “Shawty A Gangsta” featuring the beautiful Rosa Acosta, via word of mouth alone! In late 2014, DJ Scandalous released his solo EP, “Another Day In Paradise” which includes the single “Nirvana” (US Release) featuring Sam Smith. The EP has been distributed to over 10,000 people and still counting.

Lately, he has been showing up in television shows and movies. Keep your eye out for DJ on "American Horror Story: Coven" (Episodes 302 and 305) starring Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates, "Focus" starring Will Smith, "Refugio" staring Eva Longoria, "NCIS: New Orleans" (Episode 108) starring Scott Bakula and in "22 Jump Street" starring Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube and also two Popeye's Commercials ("Happy Birthday Annie" and "National Popeye's Day") starring Diedrie Henry.
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Lost In The Heavens (Instrumental)

This Is The Time

I Could Be The One

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DJ Scandalous & Matt Houston "Shawty A Gangsta" featuring Red Café and Rosa Acosta

DJ Scandalous & Matt Houston "Sex Toy" featuring Trina

DJ Scandalous & Matt Houston "The King Is Back" (YouTube Version)

Matt Houston "La GoGo" ft. DJ Will & DJ Scandalous

DJ Scandalous "Nirvana" (US Release) ft. Sam Smith - Teaser

DJ Scandalous & Matt Houston "The King Is Back" (Facebook Version)

Mark Petrie "The Gameplan" featuring DJ Scandalous

DJ Scandalous "Lost In The Heavens" (Instrumental)

DJ Scandalous "Don't Find Another Love"

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