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When You’re Broke and Can’t Afford Great Singers - Mixtape


This instrumental album / mixtape was released in September 28, 2018. It features tracks that didn’t make the slated November 2019 album “Another Day In Paradise LP”. The song “Don’t Find Another Love” has now changed to “Something Happened On The Way To Heaven”.

Little known fact: All titles are also titles of Phil Collins tracks, DJ Scandalous’ favorite artist of all time.


“Move On” (2018 / 2019)



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“Why Did I Love You” (2017)

This single was released in July 14, 2017. The song was written after DJ Scandalous broke up with his ex-girlfriend. It was produced by DJ Scandalous and EDM Producer Austin Leeds.


“Don’t Find Another Love”


Before the song title’s name changed to “Something Happened On The Way To Heaven” a year later, this song was dedicated to a lady DJ Scandalous was interested in. Originally a pop demo by Sonny Black of The Hook Co, the song was remixed by DJ Scandalous and Austin Leeds and was released March 3, 2017.


“Lost In The Heavens”


This single was released in June 3, 2016 and features the singing vocals of up and coming R&B singer Lorine Chia. It’s the last publicly released song of DJ Scandalous where he raps. It was produced by DJ Scandalous and Sonny Black of The Hook Co.


Another Day In Paradise EP


This is an unreleased album from DJ Scandalous. The album contains six songs that weren’t published for various reasons. For example, “I Could Be The One” wasn’t released because of the seven publishers who were asked for their consent, only ONE didn’t give an answer — Avicii.

You can download the album for FREE:

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Ghetto Love


While working on a joint album and after releasing two singles “Shawty A Gangsta” and “Sex Toy” and unofficial singles “The King is Back” and “Ghetto Love”, Matt Houston signed to PlayOn / Sony Music France and this album was shelved. Featuring ten tracks, it has been remained unreleased. For now.

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“Sex Toy” -

featuring Trina


The second single by DJ Scandalous & Matt Houston was also released in September 11, 2011 and features Slip-n-Slide / Atlantic Records artist Trina.


“Shawty A Gangsta” - featuring Red Café


The first single from the joint album of DJ Scandalous and famous French R&B singer, Matt Houston was released in April 12, 2011. Not only does it feature the original track with Bad Boy / Interscope Records artist Red Cafe, but also features three different remixes.

Rendez-vous single cover.jpg

“Rendez-vous” - featuring Catherine Ferry & John Woolloff


“Rendez-vous” was a single released in June 15, 2010 and features raps from DJ Scandalous, vocals of Catherine Ferry, an electric guitar solo from John Woolloff and production by DJ Scandalous and Sonny Black. It also features a remix of Catherine Ferry’s “J’attends”.


“Boyfriend / Girlfriend”


This was the first official single of DJ Scandalous featuring vocals from popular French R&B singer Matt Houston. After seeing the hit potential from “Ghetto Love”, this single started the ball rolling for the joint album also titled “Ghetto Love”. This was released November 25, 2008.


“The Apocalypse”


This was the first hip hop single DJ Scandalous quietly released in March 21, 2006. The song is written by DJ Scandalous and produced by both himself and Andy “Mad Skrews” Diaz.

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“Dance Floor”


This was the first single DJ Scandalous ever released to the public. It features production from popular Canadian producer Sonny Black, their first time working together. This single was released January 9, 2006